Day Number 1

So today I spent several hours trying to figure out what a “blog” is. I am still rather unclear but the description I got that I like the best is -a diary other people read. Perfect. I need a place to get some stuff out and a place to be held accountable for my day. When the days start slipping by with nothing productive done then I know I am on a downhill slide and I do not EVER want to see the bottom of that slide again. Today I accomplished starting a blog and a few things were needed to prepare. I duct-taped the screen on my laptop because the screen is trying to fall off, but it was dead so I figured out how to start on my phone because my 15 month old does not take teething well and decided to sleep on my chest. She got her mommy’s tolerance for pain -0-. It seemed to be missing complexity on the phone app but I managed to write my first post under pages while my husband drove us an hour to pick up the raw milk we drink. Store bought milk gives both my children constipation. The baby, Maya, still has trouble with cow and she gets goat. I am a firm believer that the pasteurization process and the homogenization destroys not only the potentially bad bacteria but the good bacteria that helps us digest dairy. Not just because I read a couple articles and watched a documentary, I saw it with my own children, and for any mother that is enough.


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