Day Number 2

Longest Day Ever!


Started the day by pouring the last of my coffee creamer into my ashtray instead of my coffee. Coffee which by the way was microwaved leftover from the day before. I then proceeded to not put the carafe all the way in under the coffee dripper and brewed 12 cups onto my counter. Morning today began at 2:30 AM because the little princess is getting her vampire fangs in and doesn’t care for it. Ended up driving her around Ft. Knox listening to a mini dvd player with a Mother Goose VHS copy from 1983 singing “Mary Had A Little Lamb”, over and over.
The nice thing is my doctor has been playing with my meds and I feel FABULOUS! I’ve been running on 3-5 hrs of sleep, carrying a fussy baby on my hip at all times and my house is spotless. I rearranged my living room and love it. The mountain of clothes that has grown in our laundry room is gone, you can see the floor. And yet I don’t feel manic. My head feels clear and I am not experiencing typical things that come with mania. My last manic episode peaked when I was sure I was psychic and knew what people were “really” saying when they spoke. All the lies and innuendos and secret wishes of everyone I knew were at my fingertips. Made for some really confusing conversations with me for people haha.


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