The Joys of Paranoia

So there has been a rash of attempted break ins here on post, highly unusual. If true right? You know how rumormongers are. I’m a doubter, sitting here in my home with my trained husband, surrounded by houses occupied by soldiers. Until I am the only one awake and something starts rattling then banging. Just as if someone large has their hand on the doorknob and is shoving the door back and forth as hard as they can. FOUR TIMES! Well praise the lord I am a believer!
But wait a minute…..I was also a firm believer that a fly in my bathroom was a robot spy. And the abandoned building behind my old house was full of cameras to spy on me. How do I trust my own “observations”? If a crazy tree falls in the forest……It’s still crazy.
I wasn’t going to post today as the past few days are finally catching up with me, but now I’m just full of energy. My memories of the bathroom fly keep popping up. I have such a strong impression of him for something that should have such a short lifespan. He was there for such a large portion of high school. There is no way it was the same fly. Was there even a fly at all. Wouldn’t a spy have something better to do than watch me pee? Spying fly. SpyFly. Poor fly got the crap job of fly jobs.


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