Day Number Four of Blog Life- Milk it, Milk it Good

Experiments in Dairy

 Do’s and Dont’s of Raw Dairy

  •  Do Not tell your mother you are feeding your children raw milk
  •  Do Not expect your extended family to think it’s as great as you do
  •  Do Not expect them to even taste it or anything you make with it
  •  Do Not expect them to understand that last time you were manic and you watched this documentary it was like god was speaking directly to you from the tv and he said “No more ultra high temp pasteurization for you!”

Here is another good tip; the first time you make cheese you should follow the directions. Even read them before you begin.  For my first attempt at cheese I made farmer’s cheese. A pretty simple recipe I’ve heard.  But instead of using the vinegar the recipe called for I found that lemon juice could be used. Fabulous as I had no vinegar but I knew I had lemon juice. Did you know lemon juice expired? Did you know the lemon juice in my fridge expired two years ago?  Well…….I used it anyway.  The ‘cheese’ looked fine and the little nibble I took was quite tangy. But I was too scared to eat it again and when my family didn’t excitedly want to try it I didn’t pressure them. We will just call that a trial run.


3 thoughts on “Day Number Four of Blog Life- Milk it, Milk it Good

  1. I did some of my growing up on a smallholding. Raw milk and my mother made butter and cottage cheese. I wouldn’t want raw milk from a cow in a big dairy, full of who knows what, but a “real” cow kept properly … anytime.


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