Going Down? Up? Around?

Coming down off the ultimate high of a manic episode can feel a little less like coming down to earth and a little more like going through the earth.  After all that euphoria daily life seems a little anticlimactic.  So is this how normal people feel.  Just so not enthusiastic about everything/anything. Or has my brain been so overloaded with endorphins that I cant feel “the good”.  And if I do feel good there is always the worry that the rocket to space is about to take off?

Well one rocket ship crashed today.  Apparently a five year plan to own land in the mountains is a little unrealistic when you are living paycheck to paycheck and have a home in forclosure.  God reality sucks.  So I’m going to step it back a little bit and go for debt-free and not living broke in five years. Far less tangible but more realistic.  But….Dut dut duh….Presenting THE TEN YEAR PLAN!

Still a work in progress.


2 thoughts on “Going Down? Up? Around?

  1. Our five year plan didn’t quite work out either…and ten years later we are still in our “starter” house, which we nearly lost to foreclosure a few years back. Debt-free is a great goal. Another one that we haven’t quite reached yet, either. Sigh. Someday. Good luck! 🙂


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