It’s Just My Quirky Personality

My husband is the most easygoing and tolerant man on the planet when it comes to my behavioral issues.   I was manic when we met at an adult toy party and offered to give him a lick of my pussy (it was chocolate).  The next time I saw him was just a few weeks later and I was too scared to talk to him.  Naturally he thought I was snubbing him and no longer interested.  A few weeks after that I got his phone number off my brother and called him out of the blue.  I then proceeded to give him bad directions to my birthday party, I got the names of roads I had been on my whole life completely wrong and had to talk him through turn by turn and I still got him lost.   Then I felt shy again when he got there and got totally plastered-oops.

So for him this is just how I am.   When I put a hammer through the kitchen wall because he was hesitant to let me knock it down, he chocked it up to spontaneity and went along with it. We never finished the construction because I went downhill shortly after, but the next owner will love the open feel.   When I sold our worldly goods and bought an $800 camper for us to drive across the country and live in while he was away at basic training for the army,  he thought it was my adventurous side.  Now that I have been diagnosed he knows what these kinds of things mean.  So when he comes home and I am rearranging all the furniture he has a nice little talk with me to gauge my state of mind.

The man is a saint and this Christmas he is my best present. (Insert waterworks here)  I am fairly sure that when men sign on for better or worse they don’t expect to go without sex for six month stretches because a new med made my vagina disappear.  Lucky for him my therapist has recommended I have sex with him even when I’m pretty sure there is no hole there.  She even had the bright idea of me pretending I’m enjoying myself.  This may force my libido out of hiding and by all that’s holy and the vows we made to each other, he deserves it.


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