Abilities With Abilify

I started taking Abilify again about three weeks ago. After the first week at half dosage I started the full dose. I was just full of energy and optimistic about things. I would say hypo-manic and I knew it would wear off, as it was medication induced. The house was spotless, I started a blog, I thought about quitting smoking, and I rearranged every room- almost. Well the energy is gone but I still have the nagging feeling that I should be doing something. Anxiety-uckish. I’m pretty uncomfortable in my own skin and it is not pleasant. I feel better walking around spot-cleaning the house, which is good. I have found that if I crochet while watching TV I can sit still for a while. I like small projects for the fast gratification. When my daughter was small I liked making booties, but I have a lot of trouble making two the same size. I also made a baby afghan for my sister once that was anything but square. So hats are my thing and I’m making one for myself now.
The nice thing about hats is you can wear them on those days when you don’t manage to talk yourself into a shower, and a week later when you still haven’t washed your hair. Daily bathing is just something that people do. Like eating. During my last major depressive episode bathing just was not something I wanted to do. I’m unclear why but I think the depression was just so bad and lasted for so long that I’m having trouble remembering to shower, and even when I do, I put it off and put it off until it’s the next day and it all starts over again. Thus the hats to hide my greasy hair if I have to leave the house.


2 thoughts on “Abilities With Abilify

  1. I was on abilify for about a year or more. When I started it, I felt like that. I knit and crochet also, and those things really helped when I had motivation without direction.

    Ditto on the shower thing. I run a beauty blog (becoming more of a bipolar blog) but some days I can not even wash my face. Not to mention my body. REALLY not to mention my hair. (And I have a pixie cut, it doesn’t even take any time to dry!) So I don’t leave the house, and then I hate myself for being such a hermit, and the shower task just becomes that much bigger in my mind.

    Ugh. Sucks.


    • Thank you so much Martha that makes me feel less alone. I don’t even tell my doctors how long its been, I just wear a hat and deodorize. My husband so does not get it. usually when I shower its because I know he needs me to.


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