National Bitch It Up Day

Venting is therapeutic for the soul so let’s get it all out.  I designate today as the day we whine, complain and rant about all the things that just plain pissed us off in 2014 so that we can go into the New Year free from all that emotional baggage.  It doesn’t have to be a world issue it could be as minor as your shedding cat, or the garbage man who leaves your garbage for next week, some guy or girl who did or didn’t do something.  Best part is, it doesn’t have to be rational, just Bitchin!

In honor of this, I found some ecards

crazy e card

rubber room rant rant warning meatball rant mad rantings shut-up ecard face hifive ecard gun control e card neon crazy ecard opinion ecard unicorn ecard  ecard arguing ecard dreamjob


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