The Emergency Binder

three ring picIMG_0580     You may think this is more of a prepper thing, and that is where I got the idea, but my “binder” has served me well on multiple occasions.  Being absent minded due to either meds or depression half the time can really complicate life.  Remembering where you organized things to on your last manic episode is like panning for gold in a pool.

By Emergency Binder I am referring to a place to keep copies of important papers so that when you lose the original or don’t have the original, these will be handy.

If you want to make one for your originals in a big three ring, more power to you.  I use big binders for all kinds of things but for this I use those little plastic picture books that cost a buck at dollar tree.  I get two out of them, one for me and one for hubbie.   I don’t believe he uses his as much as I do but we needed our license and registration to get on post the other day and I had a copy of our registration handy in my book, instead of digging through the glove compartment.  It also came in handy when I left post and forgot my purse with my military ID and driver’s license.  My car book had copies of my ID’s and they let me in with that.  There is a certain piece of mind in knowing I’ll have it when I need it after a life of never keeping track of anything.

So……. Go Get A Picture Book


These are cheap any where you look.  I used to have a nice leather covered one but my dog ate it.  I start by cutting it in half down the center seam so that I have two and you really don’t need that many pockets.  I keep multiple pages in each pocket.


To sturdy up the floppy book halves that you have left, I like to insert a piece of cardboard into the front and back sleeves.  I have a surplus of empty diaper boxes laying around for this purpose.  For prettiness I add a piece of white paper or a picture.  Then I use a nice duct tape to firm the binding.  There are numerous decorative tapes out right now, but mine is army green.  This really makes it survive the purse or a few months on the floorboard.




For each page I make copies of the papers then just fold to fit.  I then put a white piece of paper that is labeled with the contents on top to make things more easily accessible.  A piece of paper folded in half twice is a perfect fit.  The pages are divided by uses like: car, gun, me ID’s, kids ID’s, POA’s, and army.




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