My Dragon

I have a dragon living inside me. Right now it is just a baby.  I t has been a full grown soul eating monster, raging through my life, breathing fire and pain.  But right now it is a tiny sleeping baby. It stirs in it’s sleep at times and I’m careful not to give it anything to eat. Even when everything is not okay, I pretend it is, so that the baby dragon doesn’t begin to Feed.   It is always there in the background making it’s presence felt and reaching out to find something to latch onto.  I feel like I should name it.  Like establishing it as a seperate entity will make it easier to fight back to sleep should it rear it’s ugly head and prevent it from burning my life down again.

innocent consumed by dragon

Having a dragon as a pet is nothing like a dog.  Sure there is feces on the floor with both, but a dragon can bite the hand off of anyone trying to save you from said animal.  My pomeranian is scared of the dishwasher, and has little poo.  Little piles are so much easier to clean up than dragon piles.  Don’t ever nurture the dragon and never ever ride the dragon.


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