Falling Off The Coconut Oil Wagon

During my last manic episode I attempted to go all natural in every aspect of my life,  I stayed up all night and cleared the cabinets of anything with preservatives or colorings not on my approved list.  That approved list took a few days of poring over an excel spreadsheet as if my life and my family’s lives depended on it.  At the time it felt like it did.  A few of the choices I made have stuck around, but the mac-n-cheese is back in the cupboard now.  One thing that may be hitting the curb soon is the coconut oil.  For cooking it is great,  but for the armpits, not so much.  I incorporated it into my homemade deodorant, basically baking soda and arrowroot powder.  The solid oil makes a good binder,  and has been working well for a while now.  I’ve developed these weird bumps under my arms and I am not prone to things like that.  So…….I’m looking for a new binder.

I also tried oil pulling.  Basically you swish oil around in your mouth for 20 min or so.  Supposed to be oober good for you, removes toxins and what-not.  Coconut oil is anti-bacterial so win-win as I have periodontitis from not brushing during depressive episodes.  The swishing for twenty was hard when manic as patience like that is not easily attained, so I made coconutstoothpaste.  Great idea right?  Apparently not, because after two days I was eating yogurt and opening probiotic capsules on my tongue for thrush.  I was about to bust out the purple miracle gentian violet when it cleared up.

I’m sure I was just using the oil in the wrong way and all the coco-nuts out there will call me crazy,  which I am.   I’m disappointed it didn’t work out between us but other long-lasting relationships were forged.


2 thoughts on “Falling Off The Coconut Oil Wagon

  1. I’ve done the same thing in mania. I think mine was basically becoming really paranoid of all toxins. Glad to know I’m not the only one who can’t brush my teeth when I’m depressed… don’t know what it is about it but it seems so damn hard.

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