Creamy Mornings

I’m a coffee lover, no two ways about it. Well actually yes two ways; either black and rich or with about half creamer. French vanilla is my favorite. As I was sitting on the toilet for the fourth time today, catching my breath from running there, I contemplated why this was happening again and blamed my missing gallbladder. Whipping boy of my life, he’s gone now and can’t even defend himself. Surely that could be the cause, I was warned that this could happen, and then I read an article about carrageenan.
Carrageenan is a natural additive derived from seaweed used for thickening your non-dairy products like almond milk. It’s also in those tasty International Delights coffee creamers I love so much. I get two cups at the gas station; one of coffee thoroughly creamed and I also fill a coffee cup with cream out of the dispenser. (gasp) So apparently carrageenan can cause gastrointestinal distress. Hence running to the loo five times a day an hour after my first cup. Insert informative article here.

The next step in this adventure will be to cut the rich creamy coffee flavoring substance that is my reason for getting up in the morning, out of my life. (gasp again)  Nothing like getting rid of the runny poops to motivate you towards a healthier lifestyle.  So I found a recipe for homemade creamer and tweaked it a little.  Credit here.

We get raw milk locally from a jersey who thinks she is supposed to make cream and milk is the byproduct.  We have had loads of fun learning to make whip cream and subsequently butter, even cheese. (which I will be photographing tonight) This is what I did;

1 14oz can condensed milk

All the cream I could skim off after butter making, about 2C

2tsp vanilla extract

I put I all in an old creamer container and shook the hell out of it for about thirty seconds. Oh jeez it’s Yum!


3 thoughts on “Creamy Mornings

  1. I am actually one of the very rare people who have no trouble consuming anything post-gallbladder removal. No trips to the bathroom, nothing. I’m also one who has to have either strong black coffee (which I drink first thing in the morning), or heavily creamed (and sugared) coffee (for afternoon/evening). No inbetweens. I gave up on the processed flavored creamers a couple years ago mostly because I couldn’t pronounce the ingredients, and the more I used per cup, the less I liked it. I don’t like powdered creamer. I certainly don’t like milk in coffee. I found that what I LOVE is evaporated milk in place of creamers. To be honest, heavy cream is my favorite, but as I currently have no access to a milking cow, I am too cheap to splurge on heavy cream very often. I will definately try your suggestion. The accompanying link to the recipes for all the different creamers will be tried – at least several of them! Thanks so much for this!


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