Losing My Shit

So I’ve been having some sleep trouble since I started on the Abilify.  To treat this side effect my Dr decided on trazadone two hours before bed, 100-200 milligrams.IMG_0543 The first night I took just one and greatly enjoyed being high for two hours before bed.  Not so much the next morning when my eyes felt swollen and I just wanted to crawl back under the covers.  I decided a half dose would be sufficient and have been taking 50 milligrams at bedtime.   It’s  working just as well without so much morning lag, but I’m angry.  Not just a little pissy, but punch you in the face angry. I’m maintaining pretty well but did develop an elaborate plan to yell and rage at the walmart pharmacy techs for not telling my husband that Tylenol and acetaminophen are the same thing when I sent him for chewable Tylenol for the baby.  It’s boiling up inside me and I think I’d rather go a day or two without sleep before I become such an unreasonable bitch.  For my own sanity and the harmony of our household I’m done with the Trazadone experiment.  Now I’m going to walmart to get chewable Tylenol and I won’t scream at anyone, I promise.anger-punch


11 thoughts on “Losing My Shit

  1. I take trazodone as well, 100mg at bedtime along with 100mg of quetiapine. The trazodone was prescribed by my doctor before my bipolar diagnosis as i was waking up in the night with night terrors and panic attacks from coming off of citalopram as i was misdiagnosed years before with depression. Im sure they dont mix well together as im like a walking zombie most days. How do you feel on them?

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  2. Boiling rage is helpful when when you need to do some heavy lifting but for day to day life its not so great. After one day i already feel better not taking it.


  3. Many years ago when I first diagnosed with severe clinical depression, while they were still experimenting with different types of drugs to see “Which helped and which didn’t” I was put on Welbutrin. I’ve known many people since who have or currently take this drug and do fine. Me – ANGER! My treatment ended up being a very easy drug combo (Zoloft and Remeron), it was just hell getting there! Good luck and hopefully the Abilify will “settle down” and allow you to sleep as your body adjusts to it.

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    • Thank you for your positive thought, I am glad you have found you magic cocktail, mine seems to be constantly changing.. I actually got a good nights sleep last night and it was wonderful. My bad reaction to wellbutrin helped with my bipolar diagnosis, I became hyperanxious with hallucinations. It is a known problem drug for bipolar people.


      • Glad to hear that you slept well last night. My doses still change quite often, but not the combination.
        You mentioned something that I have often wondered about (then pushed out of my mind just as quickly)….you said the Wellbutrin helped with your diagnosis, the side effects you mentioned being a known problem for bipolar disorder. I have many times come out of a bad depressive episode, only to be “up, slightly more energetic than usual, and happier than usual”, but not in extreme. So I never mentioned it to the drs. or counselors. And my Wellbutrin problems were way back in the early 1990s, possibly before the problems were known. I’m thinking now that I might need to mention it and see where it leads. I already have so many issues that overlap, I really don’t need another one – however, if I already have it, it’s best to get it correctly treated. And yet, the drug combo I’m on does seem to work. So…..I don’t know. Catch 22! 🙂 Thanks for the info!

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      • It cant’t hurt to mention it. Bipolar type two manifests with hypomania, so no jumping off buildings in your underwear, but poor decision making and high energy. I never suspected but as you cycle esch episode can become more extreme. Thats why so many people arent diagnosed until mid-life.


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