My Butter Bell

I finally got my butter bell in the mail!  If you don’t know what a butter bell is;butter bell1 it’s a crock used to keep your butter cool enough not to spoil while it’s out of the fridge and soft enough for good spreadability.


My old and new butter keepers

The concept has been around for hundreds of years to keep butter fresh.  It went out of fashion with refrigeration but is now all the rage among us raw milkers.

Seems simple enough; put your butter in the lid and water in the bottom.  But I kept having to scoop my soggy butter out of the bottom of the crock when I opened it.  Keeping the crock under a light is a no-no I guess.(duh)  It still kept happening so I asked the Great Google for help and apparently you need to pack your butter in the bell being careful to push out all air-pockets.  This I did not do.

butterbell     I am now going to make more butter and pack my bell!  Keep your fingers crossed.


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