I Wish I Was Sick

I wish I had an upper respiratory infection and was hacking and coughing everywhere, or the flu, and I vomit and dry heave in front of people. spongebob crazy That way there is a reason, a god’s visible go to the doctor reason to feel this way, that people could see.  Not some abstract diagnosis in a room with a couch.  I’m seriously contemplating tee-shirts, smiley face with “Hi I’m Bipolar, Today I Am; Manic, Hypomanic, relatively normal, fucking seeing things with my psychic powers NUTS, Stay Away!!”  Or maybe some festively colored hospital masks, color coded for today’s mood.  Must be  black for bad days, maybe sunshiney yellow for good days, no mask when you want to blend in.  But when people are constantly asking you “what’s wrong?” RED for “leave me alone I’m trying not to cry dammit, your sympathy hurts me.”


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