Stupid Yogurt

I was going to post in the more homesteading aspect of my life today.  I found this awesome recipe for homemade yogurt done in a crockpot.  It looked super easy and I just knew I could handle it.  The first thing that went wrong was when I was trying to print the recipe, my computer wasn’t defaulting to the right printer and I just kept hitting the print button. IMG_0615 When I finally fixed the problem and got on the right network, ten copies proceeded to print.  I caught it in mid-page and canceled but oh the wasted ink hurts my budget.  So I proceed; after letting the milk sit on low for roughly three hours you need to turn I off and let it sit for three more hours. (mind you I started at six o’clock a night) I set the timer but neglected to hit start, when I woke a midnight I figured ‘eh’ and just did the next step. This step was the last of the information on my printed recipe because I only kept the copy that had been interrupted in printing, apparently there is another 8 hour step I missed.  Well this morning I have yogurt soup.  It smells very ‘yogurty’ but the consistency is lumpy snot.  I can’t bring myself to try it for fear of the slide down my throat inducing vomiting.

UPDATE: Just found out I can strain my runny yogurt to get the excess whey off and have the consistency I was going for!

Yah. Right. Just checked the sink and everything drained away.DSCF2984


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