Another One Bites The Dust

Well I did it again, I forgot to feed my sourdough starter and I was unable to revive it.  Goodbye sweet starter, may you rest in piece little yeasties.  It’s probably sick, but I like to pretend I’m the god of their little Planet Yeasty.  But I am a terrible careless god.  Luckily this time I had enough forethought to save a bit in the fridge. another one tombstone I will revive him and he will be named, hopefully to prevent death, we will be pals instead of all mighty powerful lazy god and subjects.  I’m thinking something with an S but its up in the air until he revives.  To do this I will just take him out of the fridge and bring to room temp, then feed for a few days straight before using.  I really find breadmaking therapeutic for the soul, it gives you a  feeling of accomplishment and capability as if you are able to take care of yourself.  I feel a bond with history as well, a little less separated from the story of the human race.  Despite the fact I occasionally (okay repeatedly) kill off a starter,  I am trying and that is all we can really do isn’t it?


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