Feeding The Dragon

My List Of Triggers That Make The Dragon Hungry For More Yum-Yum

  •      Alcohol
  •     Movies about alcohol
  •     Seeing drugs
  •     Dead Skunks
  •     Dreaming about drugs or alcohol
  •     The smell of beer
  •      Mean People
  •     Stressful situations
  •     Time limits
  •      Holidays
  •     Crowds greater than two people
  •     Flashing lights
  •     Loud noises
  •     Someone who repeatedly tries to make eye contact with me
  •     Not getting enough sleep
  •     On some days just leaving the house

2 thoughts on “Feeding The Dragon

    • It really depends on the day. Some days I am in complete control and other days my emotions are so strong I can’t even listen to a sad song or watch TV for fear of a booze commercial starting the hungries. I think being honest about them with myself and others does help to create a distinction between my “real” feelings and feelings that are a product of mental illness or addiction. If I am feeling especially wonky I can look back at my day and say “Now what could be making me feel this way, or is this a normal mood?”

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