Feeling Blue With Copious F-Bombs

Like my good friend Eeyore said,”Oh Bother”.  I feel like nothing is going right this week, and I think I have carbon monoxide poisoning, mildly.  I have a kerosene heater from a flea market and I do believe sitting directly in front of it for two days chain smoking may have killed some brain cells-oops. Oh Bother, I didn’t need them anyhow.  I think  I’ll make a little grey tail with a bow today and pin it to my shirt, it will be the new universal symbol for- Stay Back! Depressive Personality Coming Through.   I’d just wear all black but we have a little hairy dog and I’d look like I’m wearing a brown sweater.  I once had a psychiatrist say that perhaps I have a melancholy personality and I’m not depressed at all, sad is just me.  FUCK HIM!  This is not me, I’m happy and easy-going, laugh a lot, but yes I do have a dark side and melancholy is an understatement.  More like Melan-who gives a fuck- choly.  Someday I’ll write him a letter telling him how stupid he was, and pay my outstanding balance.  Brains scans


4 thoughts on “Feeling Blue With Copious F-Bombs

  1. Sorry to hear bad days are storming in. You do have a sense of humour in your writing and I giggled with you while reading it. Stay away from the heater and hope you start feeling better sooner than later. 🙂


      • Seeing how it goes is the best we can do. I watched Soul Surfer on Netflix yesterday, it gave me a different perspective and helped me out based on a true story Bethany Hamilton. A good watch if your interested.
        May the sunshine on you today.

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