The Bipolar Advantage

On my four hour trip to Prepperfest Columbus in Ohio, I decided to listen to a podcast on the way to make the drive a little shorter.  Well, I found a good one.  Not only is it not just a catchy title taking the bipolar word in vain, he is bipolar, but he is also a bipolar motivational speaker so to speak.   He has written a book that he reads on this podcast and it really spoke to me.  He recounts various life experiences that rang true and I felt validated in my own poor handling of my emotional states.  I listened to the first six chapters which was all that was available.  I will be buying this book and giving a thorough review.  Some of the things he said made me feel far less alone and actually a little less crazy.  I hope this helps you all.

I’m very excited to read this and hope he is not just selling a product.  It will probably take a while as I have to wait til payday and then can only read during the baby’s naptime.


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