Prepperfest Columbus 2015

prepperfestWell I made it to the 2nd Annual Prepperfest in Columbus Ohio Saturday.  After a four hour drive, half a pack of smokes and a whole pot of coffee I arrive with an incredible urge to pee.  I pull into the gas station across the street to fill up and empty and no bathroom!  Luckily found one just a few streets down or I woulda burst.  Finally my companions arrive and we go inside.  What a crowd.  My immediate reflex is to leave quickly,  the cold sweat hits as someone bumps me.  I flip the switch over to my fake personality, the one I created when I was a stripper.  She is friendly and outgoing and always has a smile.  She is not afraid of anyone or anything.  I used to be able to do this only when drunk, but I spent so many years drunk I can access her in any crisis situation if I want to badly enough. My closest friends called her ‘drunk blue’.  Things go smoothly for a while.suturingbananas  I sit down at a table where they are teaching the basics of suturing on a banana. Jackpot! This is just the kind of thing I came for.  I never learned this in nursing school and it was not something  ever did at any job, although I have gotten them several times due to clumsiness.   We amble over to the medical supply display and I choose an item or two and pll my money out, at the same time I notice the man beside me has dropped a twenty.  He quickly snatches it up before I can even tell him.  About five booths later I notice I am short twenty dollars.  FUCK! That was my twenty he snatched up.  People in this world,  hopeless.

I moved past it and went to a class.  Or three.  First was a speil on the dangers of unpreparedness.  This guy was a great speaker but his booth was a lot better last year.  He was too.  He looked ill and was just selling his product so I faked a coughing fit to excuse myself.  Next was a wonderful class on making herbal teas and tinctures by Lynn at She even gave a demonstration on making a cough syrup.  I bought some herb infused soaps at her booth that just smelled so good I couldn’t walk away without them.  Her husband was real friendly too.  The gardening seminar lacked the depth needed for an experienced gardener but Gus did a fine job for a good ol’ boy.  The last thing I did was try out the infrared body tent.  Then I decided I was losing it because I’m naturally shy and everyone was staring so we shortly left.  All in all a good time.prepperfestinfrared


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