Still Battling The Dragon

Forcing myself to blog today, not feeling particularly articulate and not much goes on in my empty head these days. I keep wanting to sleep and wake up feeling better, but I don’t.  At least sleep feels good.  I actually thought I was physically sick yesterday but it only lasted a couple hours.  I even convinced myself I had a fever and when the thermometer didn’t agree it was junk.  Is psychically sick a thing?  If it is, I am.  Does anybody read this when I’m just bitching?  Maybe my husband.  If so…..He needs to take it easy on me.  I’m slacking in my parenting, I know.  But peanut butter toast with sugar is okay once in awhile for breakfast.  I do believe my children get the short end of the stick when I am depressed.  All anyone can do is their best when it comes to parenting.  But what do you do when you are not at your best?  I have a sitter that comes three days a week to give me time to recoup my energy.  I usually just clean when she is here but now I sit and doodle my computer.  When she shows up. HMMMMMM……. What else can I bitch about?  I used up all my printer ink printing these cool ass pictures of heroes battling dragons and now I just wish I could get them in the frames.  I’ll share them with you, I find them inspirational.Face_in_the_Pool-Knight_Fighting_Dragon   I used to feel like that glowing girl not being consumed but now I feel a little more like a sparrow.  I don’t feel like I can overcome much of anything.  I dread when I have to go participate in life.  That’s the thing about life, it kind of sucks you in.  God forbid you get to the point you can’t.  I guess I shouldn’t complain.  I’m not that bad off, just mopey.  Not entertaining I but I’m free so you can’t complain either.  Haha, I made a joke.  I bet I’d feel better if I had a sword.  I need o focus my will and picture a sword of light everytime I get tearful.innocent consumed by dragondragon vs unicornmichael_fighting_the_dragon1


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