Have You Ever Lost A Friend To Blogging?

I had this friend that I emailed with, we talked about mutual interests and gave each other advice.  It was a pretty regular thing for a while.  Well about two months ago when I started this blog and I was a tad-bit hypomanic I told everyone I knew, which is like three people.  This person included.  Well I haven’t heard from them since.  It never occurred to me that I would be judged so harshly for the things that I have overcome.  Yes I’ve lived a bit of a reckless existence, but that was ten years ago and a different me entirely.  You know what?  I’m not going to make excuses for my life, it is what it is and a good person would accept me for who I am.  I love my blog, it holds me accountable for my emotions and actions.  It is the diary I was always too lazy to write.  If I am not honest here of all places, where could I be?  I spend my days hiding the crazy from the world and protecting my loved ones from myself.  Your mother does not want to know you squandered away your gift of life for ten years on drugs and alcohol, your husband does not want to know that even he can not keep you happy when you are depressed.  But here, where they don’t come, I feel free to express my feelings without sugar-coating and I can work it all out someplace other than my head.  Here I am free to be myself without worrying if someone is going to think I’m weird and I’m pretty sure I am not the only one to ever swing on a pole.


5 thoughts on “Have You Ever Lost A Friend To Blogging?

  1. There is something rewarding about the “acceptance” of a situation, isn’t there?

    I’m grappling with some of that in my life right now, and as much as I feel like I’m losing control of all aspects of my life, when I begin thinking about it…I begin accepting the reality of it, and then I can see a ray of light…
    …even if it is a blacklight…hehehe

    Well, sometimes people don’t realize when they lose a good friendship, and obviously your lost friend doesn’t know what they are missing out on.

    Personally, I find your blog a wonderful thing and I think you seem like a wonderful person. 🙂

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  2. It is hard. We put ourselves out there… Open to criticism… I’ve had a few different blogs. All but two are now hidden.

    I care. And I don’t care. What other people think about me is their own business… I seem to care more when I am feeling low.

    I like to believe that people come and go in our lives precisely when they are meant to. I am thankful for the lessons I learn as a result (even if they are not pleasant).

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    • Come and go is so true and i guess there were lessons learned. Internet friendships seem to fluctuate even mire than those in the real world, if thats possible.


  3. I lost a friend due to blogging when I was manic. She also liked to blog. I am a writer and I like to write stories. I write stories for my friends and they enjoy them. I wrote that friend a few stories posting them on my blog and she didn’t like the stories. I just thought in my eyes I was doing something nice for her as I do for all my friends. She said I was being creepy and not to contact her anymore. What she said speaks poorly of her. She has the right to her opinion but her opinion rests with her.

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