The G.L.A.D Technique G is for Gratitude

My therapist gave me this to work on from Emily Roberts MA, LPC.  I found her here

G-One gratitude that you are thankful for todayThis can mean basic gratitude for the shoes on your feet or the water hat you drink, but it has to be relevant to your day.  It could be about appreciating someone, a meaningful work relationship, partnership, community of friends.  It could also be about yourself.  The way this is most effective is to think of how it made you feel today.

Well obviously this lady has never really been so far depressed she didn’t care about shoes, but I’ll give it a try as I’m not currently that depressed either.  By the way this is my second try, wordpress lot the first one.  And a great rant about people in general.

I am grateful for:

  • shoes-check
  • water-love it-check
  • Hubby-love him-check
  • kids(poopy diapers and all)-check

No Really- I am grateful to just be alive.  To have survived this long truly is a blessing.  That my depression is now a fleeting thing that may only last a few weeks is a blessing from the great pharmaco-god in the skyscraper.  I like this exercise.  I m grateful I am up and not lying in bed but getting dressed is iffy as it’s the weekend and I feel less obligated.


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