The G.L.A.D. Technique L is for Learning

G- One Gratitude You Are Thankful For Today

L-One New Thing You Learned Today  This can be about yourself, something new that you learned from others or something you learned about someone you’ve known for a long time.  It can mean learning a new fact or something from an experience.  Just by being curious, it allows you to see that each day is full of new things.

What have I learned today?  Lots of random shit, but anything profound or life changing?  Probably not.  I learned that if the bay poops in an already wet diaper and sits on your lap while doing said action, your leg gets wet.

I did notice yesterday that my meds seem to turn my brain off to a certain extent.  If I start my morning ramblings and take my pills at the same time then about halfway through the post, the entire purpose or flow gets foggy and I don’t have much to say anymore.  Has this been happening every time I take my meds, have I been turning off the creative centers of my brain on a daily basis as a way to cope with bipolar disorder?  Is this the cure, just close half of yourself away?  Turn off the crazy and the other parts of you that go along with it are just collateral damage.

I think I’m supposed to be focusing on the positive here.  But I haven’t had enough coffee yet.

L- Learning


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