A Is For Accomplishment G.L.A.D. Continued

A=One Small Accomplishment   We often believe that an accomplishment has to be something grand.  It can be ordinary acts of self care that you did for yourself or another.

Well I got out of bed and ate a piece of jerky with my pills.  I often skip eating out of laziness.  I didn’t get dressed but I did dress the baby, nobody got their hair brushed. Luckily she is still pretty bald or I’d feel obligated.  I folded laundry that nobody but me will eventually put away.  I tried to do the dishes but ended up just loading the dishwasher and not running it because the soap I bought last week is still in the car and its cold out there.

– I just went and did it.  Dishes Accomplished.

I worked on the map for the community garden for funzies. I cut out little plant shapes to put on it as soon as I can get these women to decide what and where to plant.  I heard it from a little birdie that they spend more time gossiping and looking like they are working than actually doing anything. Ironic that I am gossiping about their gossiping.  I drank a whole pot of coffee too.  Yum yum, zoom zoom.


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