D Is For Delight G.L.A.D. Continued

D-One Thing of Delight That Touched You Today Consider anything that made you smile, laugh, brought joy or was pleasing to your senses.  This could be noticing beautiful flowers, laughing at a funny joke or video, tasting something delicious, noticing a pleasant sensation or hearing a song that made you happy.

This is easy for me today, it will be near fifty degrees outside, I’m meeting with the farmer in charge of the community garden project and I got my tax refund so less stress on the financial front for a minute.  Hubby was deployed almost all last year so we got a good one, I think I’ll get a new shovel after bills are paid.  Then this weekend it will be in the fifties outside and I will go use said shovel.  Nothing like getting your hands in the dirt to rejuvenate the soul.  Oh and mint Oreos do delight me.  I feel like I could go on and on, I am excited for this day.  The trouble is…if something doesn’t go right am I going to have an out of proportion emotional reaction?  I have to try not to let some small thing ruin my whole day.  So what if the store doesn’t have the shovel I want or the checkout lady is rude. I need to harden my armor and keep my happy close.


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