I haven’t posted in a while because I have been crazy busy coordinating everything for the community garden here on post.  It was a pretty big mess and I’m revamping the whole thing.  We will be doing individual family plots 9less commune more community) and people are coming out of the woodwork to participate.  Last year there were only four regular participants, now we have 30 people asking for a place.  My problem is these women are already being bitchy about who gets to participate, like it is some kind of exclusive club.  I have made it very clear that everyone is welcome and used Excel like graph paper to line out plots for 50+ people just to get them to shut up about it.  I went out to the garden with half a dozen tape measures and lined them up end to end to get accurate measurements. Pretty funny to see for the people going by I’m sure.  It’s a huge space, 175x250ft, so plenty of room.  We had a class with the farmer who sponsors this program last night and nobody from my garden showed up, so I’m not sure just how interested they are all gonna be when there is real work to be done.  I picture myself weeding fifty plots multiple times this summer, which is fine with me because it gets me out in the sunshine I’m starving for.  Anything out of the house just sounds so appealing right now, the warm sunshine makes all the work worth it.  I was thinking of planting cover crops in the unused and abandoned plots.  I’ll take pictures of the whole thing from plowed dirt to flourishing gardens.


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