New Therapist

I wonder as my therapist sits there evaluating me if he knows I am evaluating him?  I’m still wishy washy about this guy.  He says things like ‘And how did that make you feel” and I don’t like it.  It seems so textbook and I am anything but textbook.  Can we not have a conversation?  Is this simply an excersize with clearly laid out steps, prewritten responses and a designated goal.  I just want somebody to spout to and tell me if I am manic, because I can’t tell.  Let’s not have some form of individual treatment plan outlined in the computer.  Let’s go day to day because I am different day to day and your grand plan will be obsolete next time I see you.

How the F#$% do you spell excersize!!!!    For the life of me I swear antidepressants make me unable to put random letters together to make words.    exersize.exterzize, exsersise, I just can’t fathom this word.


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