C’mon Spring

I know it is only February but I have this itching in my bones to get out and dig in the dirt.  I have started a few herbs and a first planting of cabbage seeds indoors, I will start some purple broccoli today hopefully.  I’ve got my little plastic greenhouse set up and I am just waiting for this cold snap to pass before I start taking my babies out during the day for some good sunshine so they don’t get leggy.  I created a whole elaborate schedule to do these things based on an app I got for my phone called “Sprout It“.  It is made by a nursery company so some most plants are in the program but not necessarily in the way I wanted.  Some things I would start from seed but they only offer as plants.  So in the schedule a few things are off but overall pretty good.  It has reminders as well, so that I don’t miss anything.  I cross referenced everything with almanac.com and my Clyde’s slide rule planting guide I got with an “Annie’s” order one year, I think that is where it came from.  Gardenplanner.Almanac.com also has a really great garden planner that is free for one month, you can even print it in the free period.  I have spent several hours goofing around on that site.

This year I am taking the Fort Knox garden from ‘communal’ to community.  Each participating family will get a plot to call their own, fostering independence and a sense of personal accomplishment.  Experienced gardeners will team up with newbies to teach and encourage.  There will still be many group projects like a bean teepee and a sunflower fairy circle.  We will also have a large pumpkin patch for the kids to come to in the fall to get their own jack o’ lantern.  People don’t realize just how tight a military families’ budget is and free pumpkins for a family of five living on a specialist’s pay is a budget saver.

My one nagging concern is- how do I keep these women from the inevitable bitchery that women get up to?  I am so afraid of confrontation if someone so much as gets short with me I have a physical reaction.  My fight or flight response kicks in, whether I want it to or not.  I can feel the blood drain out of my face and my stomach drops, then my arms get tingly.  Immediately after I turn beet red and since oxygen to my brain is reduced, coming up with any kind of response is damn near impossible.  I am pretty sure some people think I am mentally delayed, no joke.  I just keep telling myself the garden makes it all worth it.


One thought on “C’mon Spring

  1. I’m feeling the need to get in the garden too. Only we have about 2 feet of snow to get rid of first. Your community garden sounds lovely. Hopefully the fresh air, the dirt, and the veggies will keep everyone happy. Find a spot just for you to enjoy and take a break from any nonsense going on. I pick out one bed I tend to go to for the summer (I work with teenagers, there’s LOTS of nonsense going on). This gives you a space to clear your head and let others know you are not available for discussion. Best of luck!

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