Prepping For The Average Person

Prepping- It doesn’t have to mean stockpiling a twenty year supply of wheat berries and honey.  It can be as simple as having some extra easily prepared food on hand and a case of bottled water in case the roads are closed for a few days from a snowstorm or flooding.  Maybe there is an accident that knocks out power for a few days.  No power means no tap water, no flushing and no shower.  Do you really want to be amongst the throngs of people at wally world scrambling for a case of water?

Water-When you see the numbers on just how much water a person needs a day your reaction may be a little doubtful.water case A lot of the estimates include what you get from food and as if you drink the actual recommended daily amount.  Estimates as high as 4 gallons per person per day.  One gallon a person per day will serve you well for housebound not jogging five miles uphill hydration.  One gallon is enough for some drinking and cooking and if you have leftover at the end of the day a little whore bath.  One gallon per person per day,  that’s not too overwhelming.  Depending on where you live, how long could you be stuck in your house?  I like to keep at least three days worth because we are in a snowy area.  Three days is enough time to be able to shovel out in most situations and gives some time for snow crews to get the main roads cleared.  Two weeks supply would be even better just in case it snows for three days.  It hasn’t happened in my own lifetime but it has in my parent’s and grandparent’s.  You know-“Back in my day”.

Food- Look at those ingredients because those prepackaged freeze dried meals everybody loves to hoard have enough salt in them to put you into kidney failure if you eat them day in and day out.old pic cook over fire  Store a few things your family eats on a regular basis.  Buy an extra box of mac and cheese when you go to the store or extra can or two of low sodium soup.  Something easy to cook over a fire if the electric is out for an extended period.  Some Ramen noodles or Slim-Fast shake mix.  Slim Fast is a meal replacement shake so it is loaded with nutrients and protein.  Throw some marshmallows on top and tell the kids it’s hot chocolate.   You don’t need a twenty year supply for when The End Of The World As We Know It comes, unless your into that sort of thing.  Enough to get your family through a common power outage or snow storm can give you great peace of mind and a sense of self-reliance.


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