Hello Morning

I finally get to leave the house today!  Yes I know it is frigid outside but I don’t even care.  Between the teething baby and the weather I haven’t been able to go outside all week.  I am planning an early morning grocery run to avoid all the other people.   I’ve got me a little list and I’m ready to go.  The sitter won’t be here for a couple hours though, so I sit here so impatiently.  I hope the sun is at least out and will shine on me.

I also have a few copies to run for the community garden’s first official meeting Saturday.  That I am not so excited about, more nervous than anything.  I don’t know how many people to expect or what they expect from me.  I will hand out the packets I made and give them some flyers to put up.  Some people I know won’t put flyers up because they don’t seem to want to share the garden with anyone else, but there is plenty of room.   There could be as many as thirty people but I don’t expect that many to actually show.  We have a Gardener’s Guidelines that I adapted from the Missouri State Extension Service website. gardener guidelines2   I’m pretty proud of it.  I’ve developed a schedule for starting seeds and planting times but i’m having a hard time starting my own seeds because it is so cold that spring just seems so far out of reach.  I started some cabbage but should be starting broccoli as well.  My cabbages are getting leggy because this cold-snap is preventing me from putting them in the hot box during the day, I’m not sure they are going to make it if this doesn’t end soon.  I do not have a green thumb, I am a known plant killer.


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