Dragging Ass

I’m feeling super unmotivated in all aspects of life.  Despite getting the recommended 8 to 10 a night I am crazy tired and feeling blah.  I’m enjoying my early morning time to myself but it seems to be the only time I feel really awake.  By mid-afternoon I’m spent and by 7p my eyes are sagging in my head.  I usually go to bed then with the baby.  My therapist thinks these early hours are okay, even a good idea,  I have to agree because it is the only time during the day I can breath.  My poor sweet baby went straight from teething to stomach virus to teething again so mommy-time is very limited.  Hubby leaves for a training mission Monday for a week so I will be on my own after this weekend.  I am very much dreading the next week.  But I could definitely use a break from him as well.  It is hard to share your life with someone, marriage is work as they say.  His long hours and frequent absences keep our marriage fresh, we miss each other, and that makes us more forgiving to each other.

I’m on a pretty heavy load of meds right now and I can’t help but wonder if that’s what is making me tired.  I’m thinking of stopping the Lamictal.  I take it for the antipsychotic properities so that I don’t feel there are miniature cameras everywhere.  But what are a few robot flies when you can’t get anything done?  I just need to get moving and I know I will feel better. Flies and all.


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