Blogging 101- Day 4, Identifying My Audience

Bipolar Homesteaders welcome!  Really how many bipolar people are there?  5.7 million in America alone.  I had no idea there were so many of us.  Now how many of us want to live a self-reliance based lifestyle?  That is going to change on a daily basis.  I think it is a trend among everyone to rely less on daily trips to the grocery store and to be at least a little prepared for anything that may come.  We are currently snowed in for the second time this winter.  They shut the post down and it is illegal to drive anywhere.  We have a nice little pantry of food and kerosene in case the power goes out due to the weight of the snow on tree branches near power lines.  We have lost power at least four times this year and having a couple oil lamps was a real plus.  An unhealthy dose of paranoia may cause me to be a little compulsive at times with just what we need to be prepared.  Depending on my state of mind any given day, just what I am preparing for may change.  Focusing on getting through a winter storm is pretty reasonable.  The Russian invasion or war of the worlds being less likely and probably related to my paranoid symptoms.  When I am feeling a little manic I like to prepare for the collapse of the government or loss of most of the worlds population due to plague.  You can put me in the category with the nut jobs on TV at those times.

Most days I just want to go back to a more self-reliant lifestyle which is really hard living on a military base.  I have found a community garden but no one was taking care of it, so being in a more ambitious mood, I took over.  Now I have a place to practice my gardening skills for when we are out of the military and I have a place in the country to get back to our roots.  Lately I haven’t been publishing too much that’s homesteady, I have been struggling more with my own bipolar symptoms.  When I am in more of a better place with some free time on my hands, that’s what I would like to focus on.  The benefits of journaling here have been priceless and if my focus goes back and forth a little from time to time just blame it on the bipolar.


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