Juggling Hobbies

I was wondering if anyone else does this, is this a bipolar thing or just a quirk of my own personality?  I have multiple hobbies, but only a couple and sometimes just one at a time.  But I go all in, every extra second and every extra penny will go to said hobby for various periods of time and then it will die off and a new hobby will take it’s place.  It is currently taking all my willpower not to go out and spend all our money on material and notions for sewing.  I have several totes full of yarn from time spent crocheting and five boxes of tools and beads for jewelry making.  Every time I get into prepping, our pantry overflows and backpacks full of survival supplies get overhauled.  I know my prepping comes from my paranoid symptoms because of the way it comes and goes with them.  At the same time I am putting duct tape over every keyhole I am worrying about teaching my kids how to use a fire-starter.  One hobby comes and another goes.  The focus is almost obsessive and it’s all I can think about ever happily doing and then it just peters out and I pick up another hobby.  I just spent the last eight days playing a kingdom building game on my phone,  I managed to only spend ten dollars on it but it took a lot of self restraint.  Now I am disenchanted and glad I didn’t spend more, next week-who knows?


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