Changing Focus

So I used to be trying to make this blog about my dream of having a homestead and being self sufficient.  I’m trying to focus on myself and have realistic goals now.  I’m trying not to give over and become obsessed with every manic whim that strikes me.  So just me and my bipolar from here on out.   I’m not cluttering up my life with fifty different hobbies every time I have a little energy, like I always do, and I am definitely going to try not to go overboard on anything but cleaning my house and myself.  So far today I have managed neither of those things, today I will linger in front of the computer and probably post five more times, but tomorrow I have big plans.  Feeling pretty good, so I am going to brush my hair and my teeth and take a shower without being told.  I am going to be a person again.  I’m going to put on a bra and something other than sweats.  I am probably not going to leave the house but I will be looking good right where I am.  I have goals man, practical ones for now but maybe someday I’ll get my shit together enough to get a job like a real grown up.


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