Euphoria, My Old Friend I Have Missed You

Uh-Oh I’m Hypo.  I went straight from a long depressive episode to hypomanic,  three days ago I was sleeping fourteen hours a day and now I am not only sleeping less (I’ve been up since two), I feel good, I’m happy and I’m motivated.  How sad that those are worrisome things.  Is it possible for coffee to trigger a manic episode if you are caffeine abstinent for an extended period?  I’m sure there are some holistic healers out there going “Well YES”, and some chronic coffee drinkers going “Um NO”, or maybe just like ten people going “what?”.  Seriously though, caffeine is a stimulant chemical and I felt fabulous ten minutes after I started drinking it again.  I’m sure it will wear of in a couple days and I’m sticking to one cup a day so far.  My doctor recently increased my Effexor dose to 225mg but I haven’t started the new dose yet and now I am a little hesitant, I think I’ll wait until I wind down a bit.  Maybe I’m not hypo-manic and I am just so not used to not being depressed that I am over thinking it.


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