Switching Shrinks and Disability Dilemmas

I have an appointment today to talk about switching shrinks and to see how to get some of my disability docs signed.  Here’s hoping it goes well but my hopes aren’t too high.  I have been told in the past that if I am unhappy with a provider and request a switch that I’ll automatically be booted to the civilian docs who are harder to get in to see, plus I really like my med provider, just not my therapist.  As a federal employee my PDoc isn’t allowed to sign any papers I bring in.  Incredibly frustrating when filing for disability.  I finally got a social worker to sign my original docs and apparently that was good enough because my case has gone forward from there.  Problem is I have already done my two denials and gotten a hearing date.  I have no idea what to expect at this hearing and am racking my brain trying to find ways to make it go better and to just have my shit together.  I really feel like my PDoc’s signature will make a difference. I may have to go civilian to find a doc that can sign my papers.  It’s a six month wait most places to get in for psychotherapy though so I have to be careful not to get referred out for therapy.  I really like the therapist my daughter sees and I’d like to see her as well.  I think she puts booze in her coffee and she wears a wig, my kind of peoples.  She has had bariatric surgery so she knows about my weight struggles and can relate.  Plus in the one hour I spent alone with her I had a major breakthrough.


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