Like most other people with bipolar, I am terrible with money.  Strangely enough, my husband is worse so I take care of the bills and the budget.  I usually do pretty good, even when manic because I channel my obsessive thoughts about shopping to obsessing about bills.  Sometimes I get carried away and overpay everything leaving us nothing to live off of.  When I’m depressive and can’t focus very well, things go unpaid or underpaid.  Living off the income of a Sargent in the army makes for a tight budget.  I feel terrible that I am not bringing any money in.  I used to be a nurse, an lpn, I worked long hours and brought in the larger paycheck.  Now I sit around the house all day stressing about grocery shopping and trying to get my fat ass up to clean the house.  What happened to me?  I used to be a functioning member of society.  Now I’m this crazy lady who never l


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