Puppies and Therapy

Came back from Ohio to two new puppies to cheer me up.  A ten month old puggle named Juliet and a ten month old Pomeranian named Silo.  Neither one is house broken but progress is being made.  While Juliet is more timid, Silo is dumb as a box of rocks.  Good therapy though.  Silo has a face plastered in a permanent grin and is so soft.  Due to his shaggy hair he’ll be more maintenance and he poops on the patio not in the grass.  Juliet is the smarter of the two and calmer as well, my husband has claimed her as his own.  Together they are a handful, but a good handful.

Today I will take my ten year old to her psychiatrist and they will taper her med up again.  She is doing amazingly well, less explosive and even happy sometimes,  taking an interest in her appearance and keeping up on her responsibilities.  Then this afternoon I will see my new good therapist, we call her Sallie Jessie here, wondering what we will do today.  Feeling hopeful and a little nervous.  I’ll tell her the music stopped, I think because I started taking trazadone at night to sleep while I was hypomanic.  That has passed, thanks goodness.  I’m not crashing so that’s a good sign too.  All in all life is good.


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