Dangers of Daytime Walmarting

There are people at Wal-Mart during the daylight hours, a lot of people.  I usually go around six or seven am to avoid the calamity but I needed to make a grocery run and baby’s nap time with Grama was the time to do it.  Between the crush of people breathing my air and my haphazard grocery list I forgot most of what I went to get. How could there possibly be enough oxygen for all of us?  I just know I am breathing in air that someone else has exhaled, or god knows what.  Needless to say, I couldn’t focus on any task except when I was in the pet care section looking at doggie sweaters for my little puppies.

The smells of the bakery really got to me, I am trying so hard to diet and I have lost one pound so far.  The bakery is located in the produce section so for every head of lettuce or brusselsprout examined a whiff of rotisserie chicken or sight of blueberry muffin invades the brain, not to mention the built in McDonald’s and Hot to Go pizzas.  Special requests from other family members left me wondering the bakery for coffee cakes and the hostess aisle for chocolate covered twinkies.  I did run across an adult coloring book and that was nice, it even came with colored pencils.  As I can’t seem to focus enough to draw anymore I thought I would give it a try.  I got the worst checkout guy ever, he kept talking to me and he wasn’t packing my bags right.  It took all my will-power not to repack everything right there. I shuffled a few items around just so I wouldn’t explode.  Walking out was just as bad as walking in.  The smell of cigarettes was pervasive and I wanted one soooo badly.  Lessons learned; unless I want to go back to cigarettes, ho ho’s and xanax, stay out of daytime Wal-mart.


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