Morning Ugh

Sitting here sippin’ on my coffee plotting what to do today.  I’m going to focus on cleaning the house and going for a walk.  Doesn’t seem like much to the average soul but it is a lot to the depressive soul.  I feel like I may be on an upswing of the normal, not coffee induced, kind.  I’ve gotten used to the coffee and even have gotten back to napping, but I am not so drag ass tired all of the time.  Despite my new found energy I am still struggling to get moving, I’ve spent so much time immobile that I think my muscles and my body are fatigued easily.  I am having a lot of back pain with the most minor of chores, without ever having had a back injury.  Unfortunately the meds they gave me for my back are causing my feet to swell, plus the muscle relaxer gives me a buzz and that’s never a good thing.  I see a pharmacist on Friday, an option offered to me due to my polypharmacy.  I have to say that after seeing the facebook support groups and the trouble people have getting a PDoc and getting their meds, I am thankful to have the care that we get.  My husband has made great sacrifices to provide for us.  Army life is not easy by any means, but I am glad we chose this life.


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