Breakfast of Champions

After sipping my coffee into tepidness, I get my breakfast ready; three Effexor, two lithium, and an abilify.  A smaller breakfast since I stopped the lamictal but it still fills me up.  I only track the coffee creamer in the myfitnesspal app, I don’t know how many calories are in the tabs and caps.  I’m down one pound and that gives me hope.  I have to stop myself from compulsively weighing myself all day long.  I’m hoping the trend continues.  I really want to take some diet pills but don’t want to rocket into mania, or take more pills.  I see a pharmacist today to review my meds and make sure I am taking everything right. I don’t see Sally Jessie, one of my therapists until the week after.  She is trying to help me unclog my meridians with EFT or emotional freedom techniques, I can’t help it, I’m a skeptic.  But surely she has more to offer than that so we will continue to see each other.  After Sally Jessie’s dive into the cooky, I am glad I’m continuing to see my former therapist as well, Mr. Douche.  His office may be all done up new-agey but he is pretty standard format.

Restless nights and early mornings make for a grumpy mommy.  I was near meltdown status yesterday due to lack of sleep.  I shouldn’t have let it get that bad but circumstances are what they are.  The baby keeps waking up in the middle of the night for several hours at a time, if not for good for the day.  Then I had to sit in the ER with grama for a few hours while they checked to make sure her shoulder pain was not a heart attack.  It was not.  I coaxed the baby into a twenty minute nap before dinner but kept waking myself up snoring haha.  Then somehow she wasn’t sleepy at bedtime, fucktastic!  I’m pretty tired today as she woke up at four. Just keep sippin coffee.


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