Swinging Low

The inevitable has come.  Lack of sleep and my recent bout of hypomania has brought my mood to that slow whirlpool sucking me into depression.  I am super bummed today and not about anything in particular, things are actually pretty good outside my brain.  Inside my brain it’s getting darker by the minute.  The puppies are still too roudy and young to sit still and cuddle, they just want to wrestle on the bed, even cheerful songs are having little effect.  I tried desperately to grasp at life outside my home by asking my sometimes friend to go to a furniture store she frequents with me, but alas, she blew me off.  Understandable as I’ve been holed up in my house all summer and made no effort to expand our friendship.  As I type I am stuffing cashews in my craw in an attempt to load my brain with essential fatty acids and prevent the slide from going too far down.  Stupid I know, but it satisfies that need to do something about my mood right now.  And they are salty good.


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