One Sick Puppy

I recently got two pups for informal therapy animals.  One was supposed to be a Pomeranian but on further inspection is a shitzu.  The other was a beagle-pug mix named Juliet.  She came from a neighbor who bought her from craigs list and had her for several months.  Juliet became lethargic and began vomiting after they got into a box of crayons, Shilo the shitzu has been fine other than some rainbow poo.  I took Juliet to the vet and she came back positive for parvo-virus, a potentially fatal illness puppies are usually vaccinated for.  Apparently she was not.  She is currently in the doggie hospital fighting for her sweet little life.  At ten months old I had assumed she had gotten her puppy shots and put off taking her in for micro-chipping and shots until the next paycheck.  If I had taken her in sooner she would not be sick and I feel just awful.  I’m having trouble thinking about anything else and have resorted to escape tactics like reading smutty novels just to get my mind off it.  Unfortunately I cannot ignore my family because I’m obsessing about her, but it is all my brain wants to do.  It has been three days and despite nausea meds and IV fluids she has made no improvement.  She is not doing any worse but still no better.  I really can’t afford a seven day hospital stay but it looks like that is the road we are taking, and there is no guarantee that she will live even with all the support they can give her at the hospital.  The vet has given her a fifty/fifty chance at this point, and me a hefty bill.  Money is by far one of my anxiety triggers, we are a one income family on a sargent’s pay.  I’ve been pouring over the budget deciding who will get paid and who won’t, what credit card has any money on it and which family member we owe the most money to.  At the same time I have been using all my super-powers to send healing vibes my puppy’s way.  The vet has been great about calling twice a day but I really want to be sitting at her side, but I guess that’s not a thing at veterinary hospitals.  Every morning and evening when it is time for a call my anxiety spikes and I can’t do anything but hold my phone until it rings.  The report is always the same.  No better, no worse.  Still on IV, can’t keep anything down.  How long can a skinny little pup go on like this?


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