Exercise Is Good For The Soul

Started the day off right with a little cardio at the gym.  Here on post we are lucky enough to have access to all the gyms and training equipment that our spouses enjoy.  Now a personal trainer will run you $400 a month, but it is free to just use the facilities.  So I glided my way to a mile on the elliptical machine and then pedaled a mile on the recumbent bike.  It took a few weeks of going every day to build up to this and I’m pretty proud of my progress so far.  I have noticed a marked difference in my mood overall as well as pre and post workout.  I never feel like doing it, but once I am done I feel really good about it.  It really helps that I have some workout partners, they keep me accountable for showing up and putting the work in.  I have never been one to have a lot of friends, or any for that matter, but here I am with three wonderful ladies to get healthy with.  How to maintain these relationships, I have no clue.  We are military so sooner or later someone will move away, eventually all of us will be in different parts of the world.  So I guess worrying about long term is a moot point.  Either way I’m feeling pretty good about things right now.


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