Addictive Personality? And Food

Is this really a thing? If it is I have it.  I have struggled with various addictions throughout my life, alcohol being by far the worst.  But now I think I can be addicted to anything, like even food?      You don’t get to be a hundred pounds overweight by not being addicted to food.  I don’t really want to go delving into my past with drugs, alcohol and cutting because I am in a pretty good place right now and that’s a recipe for tears.  Examining the new idea that I may have become addicted to food is what’s on my mind.  All that reckless eating over the past few years just may have triggered this new addiction situation.  So I used to drink vodka and smoke pot in the middle of the night, who hasn’t, right?  Now I wake up from a sound sleep and go eat anything I can find that is relatively sweet. I put a lock on the pantry door but I wake my husband up for the key.  I have no self control in the middle of the night.  I seriously can’t have the shit in the house.  I have resorted to eating heaping bowls of my daughter’s breakfast cereal just to get a fix at times.  I wake up in the morning with cupcake crumbs in my cleavage and no cupcakes left on the plate.  Disgusting, I know, but my cleavage seems to be a catch all sticking out the way it does.  How do I stop this cycle. I am forming a random addiction to anything I can get myself hooked on.  Why can’t I get a healthy addiction like broccoli or exercising.  Exercise is such hard work, a small addiction to it could perhaps be beneficial right now.  But I would take it overboard I am sure.  I would end up losing too much weight and being unhealthy that way.  How do you keep from becoming addicted to something?  How the hell do I stop myself from doing this?


2 thoughts on “Addictive Personality? And Food

  1. What I’ve learned from my past/present problems with addiction is that there’s a catchall “Addictive Personality.” So basically, it seems we’re screwed…sorry, a bit negative there. Also, my GP told me that the more one eats sugary things, the more the body craves sugar. I used to eat spoonfuls of white sugar, and when I worked I ate sugar cubes from the breakroom. I’m better than I used to be, but put something in front of me like a jar of Nutella and I’ll sit there and eat the whole damn thing. I go in phases of eating everything in sight, then getting a grip and it’s not hormonal. I wish I had something more encouraging to say, but I just wanted you to know you’re not alone.

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