Self Therapy

Because we just moved, I am waiting to get in with all new doctors and therapists.  I have enough meds and refills for three more months and should be sorted by then.  Luckily my meds are doing their thing for the time being.  This blog is my therapy.  It’s a great outlet for my thoughts and feelings as well as helping me look a little deeper into things that are bothering me.   The accountability that forms after a while is what keeps me motivated.  Journaling in private is fine but I always find excuses to skip it or get sloppy.  Having an obligation to write about my feelings and to read the heartfelt feelings of others is rewarding to me.  I truly enjoy reading blogs by other people with similar problems as me and never fail to feel a certain amount of awe and inspiration from those who have really owned the bipolar diagnosis and are leading fulfilling lives.  To be a part of the blogosphere and contribute in some way to invoking those feelings in others is very motivational.  I know I don’t really have fabulous life adventures to write about and I definitely don’t have my shit together, but sometimes there is that one person you connect with and it is important for them to hear from you on a regular basis.  I’ll try not to flake out again.


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