3AM Munchies

I recently got a Fitbit type bracelet called a Sync.  It records your steps like a pedometer, calories burned, total miles walked.  It also has a sleep mode you set it to when you go to bed and it shows you your sleep patterns.  Well do I have a pattern!  Every night at three AM I am wide awake and hungry as hell.  Last night I ate a giant bowl of cereal, some fruit snacks and a granola bar.  WHYYYYY?  I have all the willpower in the world all day long, I work out twice a day, just to undo all that work in the middle of the night.  It is an insatiable hunger, reminiscent of my time spent taking Remeron.  Perhaps that is when the pattern began.  Maybe there is a hormone released after a deep sleep that makes me want to eat.  It’s disturbing to me that I lack all self control at night.  I go to sleep every night telling myself that I won’t do it tonight and every morning I wake up with that guilty overly full feeling.


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