Luck Of The Draw

I wake up every day with a little more hope and determination than the day before.  I am definitely on the upward take here.  I really think the warmth and sunshine in southern Georgia has something to do with it.  If we were still in Ohio we would be buried in snow right now, Kentucky was only slightly better than that. News on the grapevine is: we may be moving back to Kentucky.  Not the same post as before, we will be in southern Kentucky this time.  And the move will happen when? * Drumroll please* During the next deployment!!  Oh Joy *laced with sarcasm*  I get to go back to the cold, cold north while my husband is deployed to who knows where.  I love, love, love it here weather wise, I could spend the rest of my life without seeing snow again and I would be just fine with that.  Frigid temps and my daily dose of vitamin D infusing sunshine are not conducive to each other.   The expectation when we moved here was at least three years potentially six, of course the deployment is no surprise, we knew that would come, along with a hardship tour in Korea or Germany.  The turn around to back where we came from is taking me by surprise.  There is a little good news to soften the blow, M and F will possibly be there.  M’s spouse is part of the same company and F already has orders there this summer.  A lucky coincidence I think.  Of course it’s just a rumor and none of it may happen, this is the army after all.


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